What is the appraisal methodology according to Nevada Law?
Property in Nevada is required to be reappraised (revalued) at least once every five years. All property is revalued annually in White Pine County. The county is divided into five Re-Appraisal areas and on e of the those areas will be visited annually, within the five year period. Additional appraisals may occur when improvements are added, new structures are built or because of use or zoning changes. Sales or purchases of a property do not require a re-assessment of the property.
In the state of Nevada there are two components to your valuation. The land value set according to current market values (NAC 361.118) an the improvements to the land is valued using the approved Marshall and Swift costing manual and Nevada Tax Commission approved Rural Manual in accordance with the Nevada Administrative Code (NRS 361.128). A depreciation factor of 1.5% per year is applied to the age of the improvements, structures, etc, up to a maximum of 50 years. Land values are derived from market sales or other recognized appraisal methods, in accordance to the Nevada Revised Statues,and are added to the improvement values. All of these values are updated annually. NRS 361.227

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