Main Personnel Policies & Updates

Main Personnel Policies

  • Main Personnel Policies Link
    • Purpose: These personnel policies are established to carry out the legislative policies set forth in White Pine County Code Title 2. 
    • Scope: In cases where application of these policies would conflict with a collective bargaining agreement that is in effect between a recognized employee organization and the County, the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement shall govern. In all other cases, these policies shall govern. Nothing in these policies is intended to supersede applicable state or federal laws or administrative regulations related to human resources management matters. 

Subsequent Updates

  • Social Media Policy
    • Purpose: To provide uniform guidelines by which information regarding County activities, issues, initiatives, warnings and general information will be disseminated using social media. This includes assessing and managing comments and replies, managing social media as a public record and to provide guidance on the use of linking to the County’s public websites. This policy also establishes guidelines for the use of social media for White Pine County employees. 

Education Assistance Program

  • Educational Assistance Program Policy
    • Effective: 4/27/2022
    • Purpose: An educational assistance program is an employee benefit in which an employer helps pays for an employee’s educational expenses.