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  1. Courtney Thornal

    Parks & Building Maintenance Superintendent

  2. Shane Parman

    Fair Grounds Host

Events Provided by The Fairgrounds and the Ag-District 13

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The White Pine County Fairgrounds and Ag-District 13 in rural Ely, Nevada have a lot to offer. Proudly offering up both short and long-term animal boarding, stalls, and pen rentals. For special events, arenas, concession stands and bar areas, and barbecue pits for the county fair. 

Fairground Use Will Require a $200.00 Deposit.

Rental Pricings:

  • South Arena Day Use - $150.00 Per Day

  • South Arena Night Use - $200.00 Per Night

  • North Arena - $75.00 Per Day

  • Track Day Use - $150.00 Per Day

  • Track Night Use - $200.00 Per Night

  • Concession Stand - $75.00 Per Day

    • (Includes cooking, serving, and cooling units in the concession stands)

  • Bar and Covered Area - $75.00 Per Day

    • (Includes license required whenever alcoholic beverages are sold)

  • Barbecue Pit Use - $25.00 Per Day

    • (Pits must be cooled down after use)

  • Blue Building - $100.00 Per Day

    • (Monthly Rental fees can be negotiated through the Ag Board)

  • Upper Paved Parking Lot - $150 Per Day

Overnight Stall and Pen Rental Pricings: 

  • Overnight Stall Rental - $15.00 Per Night
    • Self Pay System, No Reservations Required. (One Horse /  Animal per stall)
      • (No Personal Portables. Only Barn D)
  • Overnight Pens - $15.00 Per Night
    • (No Personal Portables. No more that Two Animals per pen)
  • Overnight Cattle and Large Group Horse Pens - $15.00 Per Night 
    • Arena Corrals are for Livestock, Rodeo, or Roping Stock Only.
      • (All other Horses will be kepts at the Upper Stalls)

Monthly Stall and Pen Boarding Pricings:

  • Monthly Horse Barn - $100.00 Per Stall, Per Month
    • (Contract is Required)
  • Monthly Livestock Pens - $35.00 Per Pen, Per Month
    • (Contract is Required)

Monthly Renters may be able to negotiate prices with the Ag District 13 Board. All Corrals rented near the Arena may be requested to vacate when the space is needed for larger events in attempts to utilize the arena.

Ag Board Members:


Tabatha Hamilton

Vice Chair:

Martin Troutt

Council Members:

Bill Panagopoulos

Pete Mangum

Corey Lyytle

Rope Ashworth

Stefanie Backhaus

Ben Noyes

County Commission Representative:

Janet Van Camp

Fairgrounds Host:

Shane Parman