Assessor Responsibilities
It is the primary function of the Assessor's Office to locate and appraise all taxable (real and personal) property within the boundaries of White Pine County and provide assessed values for each. Each and every property will be assessed annually and visited at least one time within a five year cycle as there are five reappraisal areas within our county. Unsecured tax accounts are billed by Assessor's Office and collected by Treasurer's office.  These include mobile homes, agricultural equipment, business equipment, possessory interest buildings, mining accounts, oil and gas leases, aircraft, and deferred agriculture taxes. Exemptions are available for qualifying surviving spouse, legally blind residents, veterans and disabled veterans and their surviving spouse. 

Mission of the County Assessor
The mission of the Assessor Office is to ensure that all White Pine County taxpayers receive equitable assessment on their property, conducted in accordance with Nevada Revised Statues and regulations of the Nevada Tax Commission to establish a base for the taxes that will be a source of revenue for the general fund for the county, school district, the hospital, law enforcement, public library, Fire Department equipment, etc. In addition, we will ensure each customer receives prompt, courteous, and professional service.

The White Pine County Assessor's Office is open 8:00am to 5:00pm *Monday-Friday* Except on Holidays.