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801 Clark St.
Ely, NV 89301
Ph: (775) 293-6509
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Inspection Information
Request an Inspection
Call (775) 289-6500 to make a request for the inspection 24 hours prior to the desired time of the inspection. You will need to provide your name, the address of the property, the type of inspection required, and the permit number.

When to Inspect
Foundation inspections should be made after excavations for footings are complete and any required reinforcing steel must be in place. Stemwall inspections should be made before concrete is poured, forms or block are in place, and rebar is set and positioned as required.

Concrete slab or under-floor inspections are made after all in-slab or under-floor building service equipment, conduit, piping accessories, and other ancillary equipment items are in place but before any concrete is poured.

Rough framing inspection are made after the roof, all framing, fire blocking, and bracing are in place and all pipes, chimneys, and vents are complete and the rough electrical, plumbing, and heating wires, pipes, and ducts are approved. This must take place before any insulation or drywall is installed.

Final inspections are made after finish grading and the building is completed and ready for occupancy.

Other Inspections
In addition to the called inspections specified above, the building official may make or require other inspections of any construction work to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the building code and other laws which are enforced by the code enforcement agency. Before permanently covering any construction, please call the Building Department to determine if an inspection is required.

Brad Christiansen
Building Official

Jennifer S. Drew

Administrative Assistant

Please note that the Building and Planning Office will be relocating to 501 Mill Street on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. The Building and Planning Office will be closed June 20th and will have limited services available on June 21st due to the move. The department will resume issuing building permits on June 22nd. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Ph: (775) 289-6500
Fax: (775) 289-1463

480 Campton Street, Suite 1
Ely, NV  89301

Address beginning June 20, 2017
501 Mill Street
Ely, NV 89301

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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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